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Welcome to your new blog, here we can practice more our English!!


To be – Positive Sentences

I am a student.
He is a teacher.
She is a journalist.
It is a book.
We are mechanics.
You are pilots.
They are policemen.

To be – Negative Sentences

I am not a singer.
He is not a receptionist.
She is not a nurse.
It is not my book.
We are not not musicians.
You are not a shop assistant.
They are not taxi drivers.

To be – Yes/No questions

Am I right?
Is he here?
Is she a nurse?
Is it second-hand?
Are we wrong?
Are you Alan Parker?
Are they American?

Actividades para Reforzamiento

  • The verb to be more practice
  • Para practicar puedes checar estas actividades:
  • Complete the gaps with the negative forms of the verb to be.

Example: She isn´t from France.

  1. This book ________ mine.
  2. Jane and Peter  ________ married.
  3. That ________right.
  4. My brother ________ here at the moment.
  5. We ________ in England.
  6. It ________ Monday today.
  7. Jennie’s surname ________ Peters.
  8. ________ a hairdresser
  9. My name ________ Alexander
  10. There ________many people in this class.


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